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Selling Your Home Steps

  1. Identify a Professional Realtor
  2. Decide when you want to sell your home
  3. Sign Listing Agreement
    1. Determine Selling Price
    2. Offer Home Warranty
  4. Show Your home
    1. This will be done through the Realtor’s listing office
    2. By appointment only
    3. You do not have to be home
  5. Prepare your home
    1. Remove or store all “unnecessary items such as pictures & “knic-knacs”
    2. Remove clutter from rooms
    3. Keep kitchen & bathrooms neat at all times
    4. Make beds
    5. Keep yard neat and uncluttered
    6. Garage can be used to store items to be moved
  6. Review offers
    1. Accept
    2. Reject
    3. Counteroffer
  7. Home Inspections when Offer Accepted from a Buyer
    1. Home Inspected
    2. Termite Inspection
    3. Roof Inspection
    4. Agree to replace, fix or repair items found during inspections
  8. Closing Preparation
    1. Date set in the Buyer offer
    2. Title company prepares deed and title papers
    3. Repair, replace or fix open items from inspection
    4. Appraisal (for financing)
    5. Survey (if required by bank)
  9. Buyer Final Walk Through
  10. Closing